Hello dear visitors,

I am excited!
I am excited cause my proposal “Haskell-Type-Exts”, submitted to haskell community, has been accepted for Google SoC’12!
I am going to have lots of fun this summer.
I am excited cause I am going to write a clean[2] typechecker for ASTs extracted by HSE[1].
HSE is one of the most widely used (if not the most popular) standalone parsers for Haskell 2010 plus a wide variety of extensions.
HSE is written (and maintained) by Niklas Broberg and he is also mentoring this project.

Functional programming is cool, Haskell is awesome and definitely working on its type system would be exciting.

Now that I have this luxury (thanks to committee), I would like to share it with you here, in this weblog.

Stay tuned if you are interested in Haskell and its type system.



[2] What I mean of “clean” is so far a mystery :)

About Shayan

Researcher/Programmer at Chalmers University of Technology
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One Response to Kickoff

  1. Luke says:

    Awesome! Good luck on this project, I will have many uses for it :-)

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