HTE – v. Haskell 2010 at Github

You can find the code for HTE (v. Haskell 2010) at:

You may read the previous posts about the architecture and design of HTE.

It has the following known issues:

  • Records are not supported yet! Soon, I will explain in more details. I am currently working on adding support for extensible records and variants. 
  • It relies on a name resolution process developed as a separate package (Haskell-Name-Exts). But, the code should still be entirely usable. 
  • The dependency analysis is too simplistic! A separate package will take care of it (Haskell-Dependency-Exts).
  • Just a basic interface
  • Bugs!

You may start from :

For example:

ghci> tcStringWithPrelude3 “data X = X; f y = X”

[(“f”,”forall (t0 :: *) . t0 -> X”)]

Feedback is more than welcome.


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Researcher/Programmer at Chalmers University of Technology
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